Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Build Bridges of Peace - One Life at a Time


To raise awareness for peace and love through music and the arts;

To help children whose lives have been affected by war and poverty;

To support other 501(C) 3 charities to help those whose lives have been affected by war or poverty.

Bridges of Peace is an inclusive organization that invites everyone to get involved with it's mission. Our mission is a simple one: to open hearts through a strong message of love. Our goal is to build Bridges of Peace between people through our charity projects and music events.

Through our charity project, "Help a Child through a Soldier Drive", we invite volunteers to sponsor drives by collecting items for children to be sent to our U.S. military in war torn countries who distribute them to the local children.

Through our Music events, "Bridges of Peace Jam", we feel The ?Power Of Music? is so great that it can move people to new ways of thinking. We wish to reach the souls of people through music. The artists are the ones to reach them and open their hearts; we are just the ones to put them all together for a unified purpose of love, peace and kind works of charity.

Bridges of Peace is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity Organization.

Working to Build Bridges of Peace between all people - One Life at a Time


To promote an understated way of being. To conform to love not a volatile compromise.

We wish to propagate the idea to put love at the forefront of every issue. When a person is confronted with hard times and abuse, one must learn to connect to the love within to change the state of things.

Peace can be achieved only when we as human beings understand that all the world's inhabitants have a special and unique place in the scheme of life.

We wish to spread this knowledge that life is so important. All of our family is important. Every color, sex and ethnicity is to be honored for we are one family together experiencing Life.

Violence is not the answer to end conflict. Whether it be in the home or abroad in war. We wish to teach and foster this idea to everyone we can. We hope to bring about a change in the hearts of many who claim to seek a just solution with the use of force as a solution.

Life is dear and without Love, it is meaningless.

We pray that through our work we can reach the heart of those who did not know peace existed. We pray that the artists through their love can touch the souls of those who need it most.

Make Peace through Love, the Rain to the Drought.

Projects include:

Events - Coordinate music events at various locations in order to promote our mission to further Peace with inspirational music artists and speakers. Collect items at our events for children in need.
Follow links on left for all Upcoming and Past Events.

Music for Peace - Run campaigns and contests to inspire musicians to write songs and work for Peace. Featuring on our website famous and indy artists from around the world who have written music for Peace. Some featured artists include Ray Korona & Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Pete Seeger who have written for us "Toys for Peace", Wyclef Jean - "If I were President" (Video & audio) , Kristy Jackson - "One Way to Love", best known for her 911 tribute "Little did she know she'd kissed a Hero" and Bridges of Peace written for our efforts by a talented indy artist named Eric D..

Video - Artists on Peace - See famous artists & celebrities speak on Peace and changing the world on our website at www.bridgepeace.org. Jon Bon Jovi, B.B. King, Johnny Rzeznik, Robby Takac(Goo Goo Dolls), Seether, Anastasia, Miss USA, Baha Men, Shaggy, BBmak, Smashmouth, Carley Simon, Ivanka Trump, 98 degrees and Claudia Schiffer.

Poems for Peace - We feature poems submitted to our website written for Peace.

Children's Needs Drive - Coordinate Children's Needs drives to support children who have been affected by war and poverty and support volunteers who run a drive by providing them with the tools they need to follow them through.
- Invite volunteers to run drives within school/community to collect items for children in need.
- Invite military involved overseas to assist in receiving items and distributing them to the children in need.
Our goal is to enhance relations between the US soldiers stationed in War torn areas and the local people. We ask our USA children to BE THAT BRIDGE TO PEACE.

Drives include: Building Bridges of Peace in Iraq Toy Drive - In an effort to build a bridge between the U.S. soldiers and the children of Iraq, Bridges of Peace collected toys to be distributed by the soldiers to the children. Over 3500 toys were collected from all seven public schools in Sayreville, NJ. The Iraqi children received the toys around Christmas time putting smiles on their faces as well as warming a soldier's heart.

Be an Instrument of Peace Campaign - Collecting petition signatures from people around the world who declare that they will be an Instrument to lead this world to a peaceful harmony. Peace starts with me. By my example I will bring peace, one life at a time. Sign up here .

Instrument of Peace Auction - We are currently collecting items for auction and we especially appreciate support from the music industry and corporations. Artist signed instruments, concert tickets/backstage passes and special memorabilia. We also appreciate and accept any corporate product donations or gift cards.

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