Be an Instrument of Peace Campaign

Be an Instrument of Peace



In the hope of promoting awareness for a more peaceful, harmonious world, Bridges of Peace is declaring that the people have come forth with their declaration for a more peaceful world beginning with themselves.

The undersigned has declared that he/she will act within their own family, community and world as an instrument that will bring about peace one life at time.

Instrument of Peace Declaration

(Inspired by the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)

I hereby declare, that as of this day, I do vow to be an "Instrument of Peace".

As an instrument of peace I will do the following:

Where there is hatred, I will show love.
When I am offended or injured, I will show forgiveness.

Where there is doubt, I will show faith.
Where there is despair, I will show hope.

Where there is darkness, I will shed the light on truth.
Where there is sadness, I will bring joy.

I will be consoling, understanding, and show love to all people everywhere.
By my example I will bring peace, one life at a time.

Signed_________________________ Date____________

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Always remember, You are the instrument that will bring this world to a peaceful harmony.

Please forward to all your friends and help support this effort.

Be an Instrument of Peace
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Published on: 2004-07-08 (14312 reads)

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