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Ray Korona & Pete Seeger

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(Transcribed from video interview with Ray on at the Pete Seeger Tribute for his 88th Birthday, May 3rd, 2007)

Ray tells us that when he told Pete about our Bridges of Peace Toy Drive Project at all the schools in Sayreville to help the kids of Iraq through our US military, Pete said..."you know, if Woody Guthrie were around, he would write a Ballad about this" and Ray told him "Well, Pete, you and Woody were pals, why don't you do it" and Pete said "well, I think we should do it together". They then rolled up their sleeves on the spot and stated it. Pete then asked.."Ray, what exit off the Turnpike is Sayreville, NJ anyways?" and Ray said.."it's not exactly off the turnpike and Pete said "well, that doesn't really matter"...and that is how the song started.

About the Song by Ray Korona:

After playing music for a Bridges for Peace celebration, Ray Korona told friend and fellow performer Pete Seeger (Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee & Bruce Springsteen's inspiration for his latest CD "We shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions") about how the organization collected toys from local school children for US soldiers to give to children in Iraq. Believing that a ballad could help spread this story far and wide and inspire others to work for peace, they wrote Toys for Peace. Ray sings the song and plays guitar; Pete provides an energetic banjo accompaniment and sings on the choruses; Ivice and Ellen Davidson sing harmony, and Barry Kornhauser drives the rhythm with his bass.

If you want to help get the story around... play the song for your friends; get your community radio station interested; tell everyone to visit us at to learn how you can get involved.

If you would like to run a Bridges of Peace Drive, Click Here to learn how!


TOYS FOR PEACE by Ray Korona and Pete Seeger

Take the turnpike through New Jersey

Where it meets the Garden State.

If you take Exit 11 there instead of going straight,

You can visit Sayreville where Diane, a mother of two,

Saw what war can do to kids

And did what she had to do?

chorus: Because we have got to learn

to live in peace some day.

Maybe soldiers with toys, not guns,

will find a better way.

She said school children in Sayreville

Should give a toy or two

To the children in Iraq. They have so very few.

Diane?s neighbor Karen agreed

And soon a movement grew.

Would the schools go along?

What else could the school board do?

repeat chorus

So they set up big containers

In the schools in Sayreville.

It really was inspiring how quickly they would fill.

Sara brought her favorite doll.

She told her not to cry.

Soon she?d have a new best friend.

She kissed that doll goodbye ?

repeat chorus

The colonel said, ?Let?s do it!

Yes, we will try your plan.

Our soldiers can give out toys

In Iraq and Afghanistan.?

Those soldiers loved to meet the kids.

They hope their visits increase.

When you make a child smile

You build a bridge to peace.

repeat chorus and verse one

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