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"The ?Power Of Music? is so great that it can move people to new ways of thinking. We wish to reach the souls of people through music. The artists are the ones to reach them and open their hearts; we are just the ones to put them all together for a unified purpose of love, peace and kind works of charity.? says Diane Eleftheriades, President

by Hal B. Selzer Local Noise

Bob Burger is no stranger to the shore scene, but it seems the last several years have brought him to the forefront. His many local shows, his appearances with artists ranging from Bobby Bandiera and Glen Burtnik to Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and even Paul McCartney, and his recent CD releases, have raised his profile to the point where he is a widely recognized figure at venues up and down the shore.
?It?s rock, but based on an acoustic presentation,? is how he describes his sound.?I kind of discovered by accident that the acoustic thing really worked for me, after playing bass for many years. But we are all just the sum of our influences plus the distortion that results from filtering them through ourselves. So I guess my music can be described as what I?ve heard and loved as mangled by me. I?ll leave it to others to pick the influences that they hear.?
Bob is bringing that sound to the Bridges Of Peace benefit that is taking place on Sunday, Nov. 23, at the Headliner in Neptune. The show brings together some other staples of the shore, including Gary US Bonds, Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys, and Jody Joseph And The Average Joes, among others.
?Everyone has been really wonderful,? says event organizer Diane Eleftheriades, about the artists involved. ?They have been very supportive of this event and have offered their talents to us not just for the night but well beyond that. We thank them for believing in the cause and being generous to lend their talents and time to make it such a success. It is our honor to have all these wonderful artists work together with our volunteers for the greater good.?
Bridges Of Peace is an organization that collects items for children that need it most, especially those affected by war and poverty. They also try to raise of awareness of the issues involved through music and the arts.
Bob got involved with the benefit this past summer. ?I met Howard Leibowitz when I opened for Southside Johnny at the Stone Pony last July,? he explains. ?Howard was very nice about my show, and later contacted me about helping with the Bridges charity event.? When you see a Bob Burger show, you?re also likely to see some of the top musicians in the area join him on stage. ?It is great living in New Jersey and having a fantastic network of players to work with,? Bob relates. ?Jimmy Leahey (John Waite, Tommy Shaw) plays lead guitar as much as possible. Also, Jon Rogers (Blues Oyster Cult), Mitch Burger (Bob?s son),Rob Tanico (Highway 9) play bass; Jerry Gaskill (King?s X), Joe Bellia (Southside Johnny) and Phil Florio play drums; Ralph Notaro, Jim Celestino (Bobby Bandiera), John Merjave, and PK Lavengood (John Eddie) play guitar; and Kevin Cavanaugh (Southside Johnny), Mick Seeley (Southside Johnny), and Mike Mancini (LaBamba & The Hubcaps) play keys. I duet with Glen Burtnik and Lisa Bouchelle also.?
Bob has had a number of notable achievements in recent years. ?Releases of my three CDs and a Gold Record award for the Styx album, Edge Of The Century,? he says. ?Performing with the NJ Rock & Soul Revue with Bobby Bandiera, and writing songs with Glen Burtnik, as well as performing live with Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and of coursePaul McCartney.? Some of his songs that have become fan favorites include ?Vintage Tweed,? ?Over The Edge,? ?Madalynn,? ?Opposite Reaction,? and?Almost Doesn?t Count.? Bob is constantly playing both old and new material.?I regularly play almost all the songs that I?ve recorded and the fans don't seem to complain,? he muses. ?Some new stuff is very well received too; ?Piano AtThe Bottom? and ?TheGuitars AreTaking Over.?
I?m very happy that I get a positive reaction and many requests for my material. Many of the venues that I play do not feature original music. However, I?ve been lucky enough to play my stuff at those venues anyway. They are all original clubs as long as the crowd is with it.?
The Bridges Of Peace concert promises to be a memorable event, with Bob and the other artists joining together in the spirit of the organization.?This concert has been in the planning for a very long time,? says Diane. ?Even prior to the Sept. 11 attacks, I have felt a need to make this a reality. I have in the past talked with celebrities about this event and have always received a positive response. There is a need and we are trying to fill that need. The ?Power Of Music? is so great that it can move people to new ways of thinking.We wish to reach the souls of people through music.The artists are the ones to reach them and open their hearts; we are just the ones to put them all together for a unified purpose of love, peace and kind works of charity.?
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