Site Ne: Meeting Pete Seeger at the

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6/28/09 - Pictured Pete Seeger talking to Bridges of Peace's Pres. Diane Eleftheriades, Mary Casella & Marianne Riscoe. Karen Bebert, VP not pictured

Pete Seeger and Ray Korona wrote "Toys for Peace" for our organization Bridges of Peace and sang it for us here at the Water Festival in NYC. After I had said that we started the project in Sayreville and then opened it up nationwide with a drive just being completed in Texas and that we are just mothers trying to make a difference. He smiled and told us that he thinks women are the ones who are gonna change this world because they are more compassionate...

SEE VIDEO - Toys For Peace
Listen/About "Toys for Peace"

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Site Ne: Join our Cause on FACEBOOK!

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Please Support our Facebook cause, Bridges of Peace & Help a Child Through a Soldier. Help by joining, donating, or inviting your friends!

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Site Ne: Our feature in new book ''C

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I just got this amazing news, a quote from Pete Seeger for us(Bridges of Peace) and that we are featured in a new book called "Cost of Freedom"!

Cost of Freedom - The Anthology of Peace & Activism
"The Cost of Freedom anthology ... recognizes, records and celebrates the magnificent efforts of countless numbers of real people to bring peace and social justice to our beleaguered and exploited planet."

It is endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Harry Belafonte, Ralph Nader and Thom Hartmann.....

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Site Ne: Pete Seeger BDAY Broadcast,

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Just received this note from musician Ray Korona...
Today, May 3 is Pete Seeger's 88th birthday! (Happy Bday!) You might be interested to know there will be a special Pete Seeger birthday celebration broadcast live on the web out of NYC...
(Now available On Demand - Hear Ray tell the story of how he and Pete wrote our song "Toys for Peace" for Bridges of Peace).

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"Toys for Peace" was written for us by Ray Korona and Pete Seeger (a legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee) to propel this movement of Peace. "When you make a child smile, you build a bridge to Peace".
Pete Seeger is also the inspiration for Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen created a folk CD: "We shall Overcome, The Seeger Sessions" in honor of Seeger.
Click Here for Song - "Toys for Peace".

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Site Ne: New Song ''BRIDGES OF PEACE

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A Special song written for everyone of us by my dear friend Eric D.. Please Listen Now to...
Bridges of Peace
"I was moved to tears the first time that I heard it, I really love this! - Diane E., Pres."

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Site Ne: Press: Heeding the call to

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Tri-Town News -Front Page- 12/29/04
Woman says her life?s path is working for those in need
Elaine French(Bridges of Peace Board of Directors) has a husband, has raised three sons, has three grandchildren and holds a steady job.

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Site Ne: Bridges of Peace is Awarded

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Sgt. Robert Bruce awards Bridges of Peace's Diane Eleftheriades(Pres) and Karen Bebert(VP) customary military coin for good work to support our soldiers and the civilians in Iraq.

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Site Ne: Wyclef Jean Song

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Check out Hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean's new song! We've got the video here...thanks to Wyclef's manager!
"An old man told me, instead of spending billions on the war,
we can use some of that money, in the ghetto..."


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Site Ne: New Songs Added for Peace b

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Read Lyrics and Listen to these new songs submitted by Scott of San Diego, CA based band Liquid Blue...
Making Up
Give Me Back My Heart
Anything Else But War
If you Gotta Ask

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